About Us

We know how much you love your little girls in tights.  It doesn't matter if she wears them for style, warmth, or to protect from skinned knees, she still looks sooo cute!

And we know what a pain it is to have to fight to get those tights up and down for potty breaks or diaper changes.  Sure, you could go with leg warmers -they're great too, but then you still have to put socks on, and there goes the look of tights that we love so much.

That's why we've created Jacquelynnies Leggies (patent pending).  They're a cross between baby leg warmers and tights.  They're basically a baby thigh high (but not so sexy!).  They're everything you love about tights, but no panty with which to struggle.  When it's time for diaper changes or potty breaks, Jacquelynnies Leggies stay right where they are, thus making these pit stops a breeze! 

We also know that you can never have enough different pairs of Leggies.  That's why we've got lots of different styles from which to choose.  And just in case you can't choose which style is your favorite (and who can?) we've made them priced low so that they're just as easy on your wallet as they are cute on your little girl.

(But what about a rewards program?)

Yes, we have that too!

At Jacquelynnies, we know that you talk to your friends.  Now you can get rewarded for talking!
Because we value our customers, for each person that you refer to us, and they buy a pair of Jacquelynnies leggies (Toddler leg warmers with feet), you'll receive one credit.  You'll receive one credit for EACH pair of leggies they purchase.  When you accumulate 10 credits, you get a FREE pair of leggies (shipping still applies). 
If you refer 3 people, and each of those people buy five pair pair of leggies, you have one and a half pairs of FREE leggies waiting for you.  You can either save your credits for one big shopping spree, or you can use your credits for a pair here and there.  Please make sure that your friends mention your email so that you get your proper credits!

This rewards program is retroactive; if you've already sent friends here, and they're already purchased their leggies, have then send over an email letting us know.  They must send THEIR name, address and email, and YOUR name, address and email.

Be sure to contact us with any comments, questions or concerns.  Jacquelynnies.help@gmail.com