Hello, Friends!

In Hollywood, they say that any publicity -even bad publicity is good publicity.  We do not feel the same here.  Bad publicity for us is just that; bad publicity. 
Sad news has been brought to our attention.  The Jacquelynnies website has been accused of being a "Phishing" website.  This is a cruel and slanderous thing of which to accuse our beloved website.
Here at Jacquelynnies, we do not look to obtain personal information from you.  That is why our check out system is though PayPal.  PayPal is the site that obtains your personal information such as your name, address (required for shipping) and your payment information.  At Jacquelynnies, we aren't even told if you have paid for your items via credit card or PayPal balance.  The only time we're notified of a payment TYPE is if an echeck is used.  (This is because PayPal does not recommend shipping items until the echeck has cleared.)
Your information (name, address and amount of leggies you have purchased) is stored through PayPal.  This is because PayPal automatically stores this information for a certain period of time.  We also have a list of customer's NAMES and the amount of leggies they have purchased.  This is for Jacquelynnies reward verification purposes only.  There are no addressed nor payment information stored for this.
 Many of you have purchased from us before.  You know that we do not look to steal your information.  You know that we do not sell or trade your information.  You know that we do not wish to flood your mailbox with spam.  As a matter of fact, unless we're replying to a question from you, we normally don't email our customers except to thank them for their purchase and to let them know that their order has been processed.  To receive sale notifications and product updates, you have to sign up for the FaceBook Group Jacquelynnies.  That's just how much we hate spam!
So please, if you hear that this is a "Phishing" site, please feel free to contact us.  You do not have to click any of the links on the site to contact us.  You can type the email address into your email window yourself.
Thank-you for your understanding, and for your continued support.


The Jacquelynnies Staff